Do you know how many times in the past few weeks I’ve been asked to explain steampunk?  Sooo, so many.  Which is a little bit funny because I am so far from an expert in this genre… And even if I were, the myriad definitions are only outweighed by the varied opinions about each definition.  {Not very helpful so far, am I?}

But what I can tell you firsthand is that once you get a glimpse into the fun fabulousness that the steampunk world envelops, you can’t help but love it.  The sexy Victorian Era styling, the creative genius of all the gadgets, the tools, the weaponry… Stoooop iiiit.  It’s fantastic.

A Couple Movies That Come to Mind:

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SHERLOCK HOLMES:  Who DOESN’T love a little Robert Downey, am I right?  And pair him with Jude Law?  Yes, please…  My Life = Complete


Steampunk Inspiration Wild Wild West

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WILD WILD WEST:  Super cheesy, I know… but it’s an excellent example of what we’re talking about here.



Ashtyn Jade Steampunk Session Inspiration

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HUGO:  Yet another film {and a family-friendly one, at that!} which might help provide you with a visual sense of the Sci-Fi meets Fantasy world of steampunkery.  {um… I don’t actually think that’s a word… just for the record.}



Okay.  Your lesson’s complete.  {Don’t you wish EVERY lesson in life were this easy?!} So now the real fun begins…

Ready for Miss Kaliea’s second Sneak Peek?  Time to show off the sassy Steampunk side to this lovely lady!

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