You know those super expressive and adorable celebrity photo booth story boards?  Yeah… you know the ones.  {Check them out on Pinterest!}  Well this gorgeous gal and her fun-filled family recently approached me with a desire to create their own.  So we gleefully welcomed them {and their sweet pup} into our Pleasant Grove studio and explored a few fabulous sides of each family member.  Here is Ms. Lindsey’s sneak peek!!  {Isn’t she stunning?!}Couture Photography Pleasant Grove Ut

Can’t wait to share even more with her during the Session Premiere!  Ooh, and to see this eclectic collection on the walls of her home?  Yum!!

Okay… your turn!  Tell me all about what YOU would love to create!  And I’ll tell you how to save $50 off of your very own Ashtyn Jade Couture Session!

…the soul made visible…
Ashtyn Jade Photography
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