Aw, this face!!  This gorgeous gal is officially married!  And you’ve seen him recently, too.  Wanna know one of my favorite parts of her custom Beautiful Boudie {boudoir} photography session??  Okay, so it kiiiind of goes against my rules… but I showed Ms. Cyndy the back of the camera after one of her shots.  She is absolutely stunning and has an incredible heart.  And I think maybe she saw for a moment how I see her… and she cried.

couture custom portrait studio Utah County 2016

Yup.  I really did just admit to the fact that I enjoy making my clients cry… but only good, happy, sweet tears of joy.  Come visit the Ashtyn Jade Pleasant Grove Studio!  Let’s see if we can help you shed a few good, happy, sweet tears of joy. *wink*

Thank you for allowing me to capture and share your true beauty, Cyn!


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…the soul made visible…
Ashtyn Jade Photography
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