Boudoir Photography equals nearly nudes & skimpy lingerie, right?  Mmm… Not always!  This Utah Valley Boudoir Session finds it’s home slightly outside the box – which is kind of how we like to do things at Ashtyn Jade.  Not only did we spend 50% of our time outdoors {that’s if you consider a barn to be indoors…}, but Ms. J ended up being slightly more covered than a large percentage of our non-boudoir clients.  And in most shots, you can’t even tell!

Beautiful Boudie Beauty Glamour Pleasant Grove Couture Portrait

This incredible client {who also happens to be one of my favorite people in the world} braved 30-degree weather in mid-winter {gotta love Utah!} to create the stunning images she’d been dreaming of for oh, so long.

P.S. Did you know “Modest Boudoir” is a thing?!  We’re currently building a personalized mood board for an upcoming client who’s got her glorious mind set on this as a theme – and we are loving all the possibilities!

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