We’ve had so much fun over the past couple weeks as we’ve seen all of the hard work and planning come to fruition in the new Viking Youth Football League here in Pleasant Grove.

The brand new Riddell equipment – which will pad and protect each of our fab little {and not so little} athletes this season – weighed in at over one ton and was lovingly stored in our garage as it eagerly awaited VYF’s kickoff event this past weekend at the high school.

Discover the drive, the motivation and the passion involved in the birth of this improved league by hopping over to the official site:  And register your kiddo while your there.  After all…

Better Equipment + Better Coaches = Safer Football

And who doesn’t love that?!!?

Ashtyn Jade Photography-Pleasant Grove Viking Youth Football Ute Conference-2016-Riddell Equipment


265 lbs. of NEW Riddell Pants
895 lbs. of NEW Riddell Shoulder Pads

Check out a bit more about what they’ve been up to over on Facebook.

And keep your eyes open for more updates from us… Because we happen to be huge fans!


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Now it’s YOUR turn to come and play!  Enjoy our exclusive Stylized Summer Sessions:

Beautiful Boudie-Ashtyn Jade Photography-Into the Woods-Create Your Own Adventure

But only a few slots remain, so RESERVE YOURS TODAY!

…the soul made visible…
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