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This gal has a hunger for adventure – and I’m so incredibly grateful that she shared that fun-loving spirit within the Beautiful Boudie Studio!  During our initial phone conversation and, again, during our Pre-Session Consultation, she expressed that she was up for anything.  Completely willing to be my muse.  That trust?!?  #bestillmyheart.  Are you kidding?!  I live for this.

Missy Lovett was my right hand for this creative session.  Not only did she master the hair & makeup {as she always does}, but also assisted as we transitioned between 6 different styles and delved a bit into the unknown.  {Imagine tea-stained tulle for miles and miles…}  And with her help and copious talents, we were able to capture and create an incredible range of images for Miss Marissa.

Ready for a sneak peek??  She is so beautiful inside and outhas a killer laugh and a contagious smile.  And, oh, my… #thoseEYES.  Well, you’ll see.  Take a look for yourself…




Marissa has a natural talent for dance {which she has honed with years of dedication and hard work}.  And while her favorite style {Irish} requires a great deal of precision… we opted to embrace her passion by a slightly different means: raw, unscripted movement.  Well, minimally scripted, maybe. *wink*  A tiny bit of direction always helps!}  And she nailed it.

The contrast of the sheer white curtains and the flowing black petticoat, plus her dark luscious locks?  Gorgeous.




We kept it cool and casual for Marissa’s final look of the day when we paired a cute beanie with a simple black tank – which allow for those gorgeous eyes and demure smile to absolutely take center stage.

My gosh, aren’t you already smitten?  She is STUNNING.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg for Miss Marissa.  We will be revealing the rest of her breathtaking images during an exclusive Session Premiere.  I know… the agony of suspense…  But I can’t give away all of the goodies without being present for her much anticipated response!  That is, after all, my favorite part.  {Well… one of them, anyway!}

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