Just a quick nod of the head to this fabulous boxing beauty {kickboxing that is}…


While I’m not quite ready to post the official sneak peek from Jordy’s couture session – as she only exited the studio a short time ago – I can’t help but share a gorgeous shot of this fabulous gal highlighting a pretty intense passion of hers.

{{And can I tell you how much I adore the love and support she receives from her family!  It could not have been an easy feat hauling her own kickboxing bag into the studio, but the made it happen – and for that, I am so grateful!}}

Thank you, Jordyn, for absolutely crushing this session!  I can’t wait to celebrate you AND your stunning images so soon!  We’ll reveal them for you {along with your fusion video, of course!} at your Session Premiere – which is right around the corner.

And special thanks to Missy Lovett for being my go-to girl.  Her makeup & hairstyling prowess is always on point; she has an energy and a smile that fill the room with confidence and contentment, and I’m so grateful for the love and care she provides for all our incredible clients.

. . .    . . .    . . .

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