Here it is!  The official sneak peek for the lovely Miss Jordy.  I adore the wide range of looks we were able to create for her – as we do for each incredible client.  Our Couture Sessions allow us the opportunity to explore and showcase so many sides to the lovely ladies that hop in front of the lens… regardless of age!


{You did see Jordyn’s UNOFFICIAL sneak peek, didn’t you?  Don’t miss it!}

Thank you, again, pretty lady!  We absolutely adored designing, styling and producing this session for you!  Can’t wait to reveal the rest of these beauties {and your fusion video, of course!} at your Session Premiere!

And Missy Lovett!!  Your work on hairstyling & makeup?  Makes my world go round. I’m always thrilled to have you in the Beautiful Boudie Studio with us!

. . .    . . .    . . .

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