SNAP HAPPY: Photo101

I am so excited to bring SNAP HAPPY: Photography 101 to Utah County.  It pairs two things I absolutely adore…  photography and teaching!  And I openly share my insights (from over 10 years of experience!) with you because helping you more beautifully capture your memories and preserve your heritage… fills my soul!!

Ashtyn Jade Photography-SNAP HAPPY-PHOTO101-Utah County 2015 copy


  • ‘seeing the light’
  • manipulating the light
  • engaging your subject
  • composing a stellar shot
  • scouting killer locations
  • creating & capturing amazing memories
  • nailing FIVE fabulous steps to ensure that you truly do become Snap Happy!
  • losing 10 POUNDS in-camera {Wait… what?! Seriously?! Yuuup… seriously.}



While we are based in Cedar Hills, UT – we would be happy to schedule a class in your area and within the walls of your own home, which is the perfect setting to receive simple, entertaining, and very real answers to your basic {aaand not so basic} photography questions.  Classes may be added throughout the year, so shoot us an email and share with us which options might best suits your needs!

freestyle portraiture, glamour, beatuy, iconic portraits

**Interested in attending for free?
Host your own SNAP HAPPY class, and we‘ll cover the cost of your tuition
(aaand provide a little added incentive…)
How easy is that?!  Contact me for more details!**

…the soul made visible…
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