The Portrait Session

summit county, salt lake county, utah county, alpine, highland, pleasant grove, cedar hillsThe Portrait Session… a day of pampering.   A day to explore.   And most importantly, a day to reconnect with who you truly are, to realize and remember your inexplicable power, to find again the strength and beauty within your soul.   We create a safe, comfortable environment where you can breathe – where you can open up and be a little vulnerable.  Because it is from that place that we build and develop these iconic, awe-inspiring, and breathtaking images that will become a part of your heritage, a piece of your life’s legacy.

And we create this experience with luxury and love.  You are cordially invited to relish in every… spectacular… moment.  And you will, too!  Relish these moments, that is.  Because your couture portrait session is created and developed with and for you .  Hard to imagine that such a possibility exists, isn’t it?  Oh, but it does.  And we are so truly happy to provide it.

It all begins with our Pre-Session Consultation, where we’ll discuss the important details surrounding the session: the location, the wardrobe, even your own hopes and aspirations with regard to this experience.  We’ll touch base during the weeks preceding your event to fine-tune our plans as more details evolve.  And when the day of your session does at last arrive, we will meet together for even more pampering!

Professional hairstyling and makeup is a completely complimentary gift to our clients.  {Pause for just a moment and imagine how incredible that will be!}  And our men are spoiled, as well, with a traditional straight razor shave.  Again, a completely complimentary gift!  We’ll then proceed to spend the next hour-and-a-half laughing, engaging, and capturing the brilliance that is you.

Ashtyn Jade Sessions result in 20 gorgeously retouched images, and with these we will create your custom pieces of wall art and your couture album.  Signature Ashtyn Jade Fine Art Collections are available on the evening of your Session Premiere, and these collections begin at $1200.  Yes, payment plans are available – because we wish for you to receive absolutely everything you love – to keep and archive your journey of self-rediscovery!

Discover what fabulousness awaits you.  Our journey is just beginning…

…the soul made visible…
Ashtyn Jade Photography
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